Jan 12

Ringing It

I am not quite sure how the calendar already says the twelfth day of January and I am just now getting around to this. I did not end 2017 with a blog post like in the past because I had no words that day. But, I had no idea how I would begin 2018 & that was pretty incredible!

For the New Year we invited people over to our home because honestly, it is too hard for me in other homes. Our home is very spacious & easy for me to fly around on my knee walker. My big open bathroom is there, my pillows to prop up on are there, my meds are there.


Because we have such an amazing group of family & friends, everyone chipped in & the food was freaking amazing.

Now, for the story of my guy & me. Let me begin by saying that since day one, we have both been very committed to truly only being ourselves & have had a “this is me, love me or leave” attitude. I love the fact that he does not go out of his way to impress anyone; he is himself. I love the fact that at times I wonder if he is still 18 as I shake my head & laugh all while being thankful that life with him never is too serious. I admire the way he cares for everyone he loves. I feel so blessed watching the way he cares for my girls & the way he is always there to support them. I love the way he pushes me & always has even though my goals have certainly changed, but yet its always in an encouraging way. I am so thankful for this man in more ways that I can ever find words to explain!

Before he & I began, I think it is important for me to explain that I did not believe in “forever.” I truly was set on the fact that I would never marry again for many reasons. This man came into my heart & changed it.

I knew that a proposal was coming soon but I did not think it was yet. He had me tricked that he did not have a ring yet. But, being the joking relationship we have, he was playing with my mind all day on NYE. He kept getting down on one knee pretending it was the moment. This carried on once our party began & it ended up driving my bestie nuts…which, in turn, made it more fun for him.

Finally, in his penguin pajama pants he wore all night, at 2 in the morning with my bestie, his sister & her husband standing there he got down on one knee as I sat with my leg up at the kitchen table. Again, he pretended to stand back up before dropping back down to one knee.

His words had us all laughing; he was so nervous all night which shocked me. His proposal was hilarious & basically said he loved me even though I’m broken and he thought I was not very smart for wanting him but finally said, “will you marry me?” as he pulled out the ring from his pocket. We laughed a bit longer & a couple minutes later, I commented that I had yet to actually say “yes.” Like I said above, life with my guy will never be too serious and that is just perfect.


IMG_1594IMG_1799.jpgThis man walked into my life, tore down the walls I rebuilt numerous times, changed my view on love and has promised to always be by my side. For now, we are focused on my health & getting me back up walking. Knowing he will be there holding my hand makes the fight seem a little bit smaller.

Until Next Time~

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