Dec 26

Taking It All In

There once was this time that I was one of those rat race people. You know the type. They are the ones always running around like crazy peeps from one place to the next and are always so damn busy to just stop.

Perhaps with easy passing year I find a little more wisdom?

This holiday season was one that could have led me to a stress level so high that a daily breakdown would have probably happened. Yes, still being zero weight on my left foot has its challenges; but more than that is the nerve pain I endure.

I wondered a few times how I would get the shopping all done and what in the world would I do about wrapping? Let’s not forget about the meals & so many parties to attend.

I had one of those heart to heart talks with myself one day & made a promise I would not get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season because that is not what it is about to begin with. Instead I would choose to smile & realize that things did not have to be perfect or shiny or the best ever.

Yesterday morning seeing the light of Christmas morning shining in my daughter’s eyes I felt such a peace. As I stood there receiving a giant “good morning” hug from my nine-year old, I was able to listen to her version of  the magic of Christmas. Oh to be able to just stop & live in that magic even for just one day is a gift & it was one I  was so thankful I opened.

The amazement in a child’s eyes when they open that gift; the love & appreciation spoken & shown for someone’s thoughtfulness; the anticipation as you sit there waiting to see the reaction for that gift you put so much love into. These, my friends, are the moments that I    love.

It was in those moments where for even just a brief moment in time, my pain seemed to disappear and all that was felt was the magic of a Christmas morning shared with those that you love more than anything; with those that are the gifts that never came from under a Christmas tree but are gifts that I thank God for every single day.

I will cherish these small moments, I will cherish the smiles & the hugs shared through the images captured in the pictures taken for years to come.

In eleven months from now, I will again promise myself to not get caught up in the hustle & bustle of the season and in 364 days I will again take in the magic of a Christmas morning & feel beyond blessed every day until then for the most incredible gifts I get to love daily.

Until Next Time~

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