Jun 6

My Next Move

If you have been following my blog or social media, you know I have hinted towards changes and making choices based off of what is truly right for me.

I have struggled with my weight since college. I have tried so many stupid things over the past eighteen years: unhealthy fads, drinks, pills….you name it.

I cannot hide the fact that over the past year or so I have slid so far backwards. My weight is higher than a number I promised myself I would ever get back to in my life.  I can feel the extra weight I’m carrying. I can see it too, but I struggle more with the “feel”
of it.

Over time I have found how there is certainly not a one size fits all approach to a healthy lifestyle. But, I have learned what works for me and what does not.

Just shy of nine years ago, I carried my two week old baby in her car seat into a Weight Watchers meeting. I joined that day and still to this day I attend the meetings: same leader today, some of the same faces, & my mom who has always gone with me.

I lost 55 pounds & I maintained it for years. At some point in the past three years I stopped following the plan even though I attended the meetings. I thought it led me to eating too many processed things & I wanted to clean that up.

Well, today, I admit that in the past three years I have tried many things and now here with thirty pounds to lose.

I recently made the decision to start following the new Weight Watchers program. The issues I had with it a few years ago have been solved with its new calculations as it truly leads us away from sugar and processed junk.

I already feel more content and in control than I have in so long. I have truly had a shift in mindset & that is what I needed. For me, this is the type of program that fits into my lifestyle. I don’t do well when I feel I am super restricted and honestly, my “on the go always” life sometimes requires me to grab things that recently I had to feel such guilt & a feeling of failure for grabbing. Now, I just track it & move on.

Today, I am doing what is best for me. I have had to close some doors & walk away from opportunities that just did not seem to fit into my life right now. But, my desire to live a healthy lifestyle has not diminished. So, now I will be here sharing my journey with no pressure to prove anything works; just my journey that is truly for me.


I hope you find some inspiration from my journey. I hope you know that if you are in the same place as me today {back to a number you promised you would never see again} you will know you are worth starting again today.

This is my journey of imperfect progress.

Until Next Time~


  1. Rebecca Sible says:

    We all have to do what works for us. I appreciate your honesty. It is a struggle for anyone who eats to plan and make the best choices. I’m glad to hear of the changes Weight Watchers has made. I personally need an “appointment” to work out so I joined Curves. I have not conquered the food part yet but love the differences in my attitude, muscle strength and toning, as well as the body fat and inches.

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