May 23

Real Talk

It’s time for some real talk. I need to hear it and perhaps you do too.

Sometimes we have to just accept that doing our best is different. My best right now might look like an absolute mess from the outside looking in. But, I have come to realize lately my best just looks different at times; it changes.

I’m in a season. A season raising two busy, active girls; the crazy that comes with this truly does rest solely on my shoulders. I don’t share that with anyone else. The practices, the games, the field trips, the doctor visits, the homework, the struggles….98 percent of that is me.

I love it. I am in a season where my girls are growing and changing so fast; they are in season of playing sports that they love. They are in a season of learning life lessons daily. They are in a season that has daily challenges; some of those challenges you win and some you lose.

As a mom, I am in a season where I do not want to miss a thing. Here is the thing: they are growing so fast. If I was to be honest, when they were babies, I missed so much.

Even though I was right there, the stress of life caused me to not stop to just take in the moments and be as present with them as I am now; present in taking in every moment and looking at the way their eyes light up when they smile.

Right now my best looks different. In the hustle and bustle of spring time, our “healthy” meals do not look as good and might not be quite as healthy as they are during a different time of year. My workouts are not as frequent. My water drinking is lacking because well, let’s be honest, I am at a ball field pretty much every night and I’m not that big of a fan of port-a-jons!

Our best changes; our seasons change. This is a season where I want to soak it all in. I want to continue being the one in the front row seat; the biggest fan. I want to be the one to be right there talking about the challenges of the day; the victories & the lessons learned.

So, for now, my best looks different. We will happily eat meals that are not completely clean or perfectly prepped; we might miss out on eating all our veggies or fruits for a day. My workout might consist of only my physical therapy exercises and nothing more.

But, for right now, I am proud of my best because I love the season I am in and there is nothing I would change.


{and this season requires really big “mom life” coffee cups}

Until Next Time~

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