Feb 25

Mirena is Out!

I told my hubby a couple of months ago that I was starting to wonder if my Mirena was partially to blame for my weight gain I had experienced over the past year and the fact that no matter what I did, I could not seem to lose the weight! I started researching it & talking to other women & found that this could possibly be the case. Then, I looked up my older Weight Watchers weigh-in books & found that the extra 10-15 pounds I was struggling with was in fact gained right after having the Mirena. Since I had made no progress & was quite certain I was having a handful of other side effects, the darn thing was taken out on Friday. Praying that this is, in fact, the answer to some of my moodiness & blah moods as well. Never been a moody chic, but have been feeling horrible about this lately. Especially because my adorable girls get the worst of it sometimes!

So, we are going to keep working on this! Take it day by day & see if we can start to feel better! This journey is about a healthy lifestyle, not about being skinny. The number on the scale isn’t the most important factor for me, it’s how I feel. For the past year I haven’t felt good about me. I have gone back to hiding myself & have lost some of the self-confidence I had gained.

I want to be the best me I can be. The best wife, the best mom, the best daughter, the best sister, the best aunt, the best friend. I can only be the best when I feel the best. So this is what I am going to do:

I will achieve the best me I can be….soon.
Until Next Time~

Feb 20

Note to Self

Dear Self-
You are officially a morning worker-outer chic now! Monday morning you got up at 4:30 rocked out an awesome workout and felt AMAZING all flippin’ day. I even ate a good breakfast & guess what… my entire family ate a better breakfast – I made eggs. I never do eggs on a weekday morning. I was in a very good mood, not stressed out & cranky about being late out of the house! My entire day ran SO. MUCH. SMOOTHER.  Then, lazy butt, didn’t get out of bed Tuesday morning & your day stunk!


Yup, it’s time. Time for me to officially make the switch to morning workouts. I absolutely hate thinking all day long about having to squeeze in my evening workouts in between cooking dinner, helping girls w/ homework, hanging out w/ the family, reading w/ my girls, cleaning, and trying to a least take a little breath! So make the change. Life will be much smoother. Plus I LOVE when my fitbit already has over half of my daily steps before I even get in the shower in the morning!


And, yes, it is Weigh-in Wednesday again. I didn’t do swell this week. I did somewhat decent for the majority of the week but blew it on Sunday…well, I probably also had too much wine on Saturday evening & too many snacky foods while drinking it. But I didn’t think I had done as much damage as the scale said I did – ugh! I’m up – not sure what to do here? What gives?

One area I need to change up is saving my points for an evening event. I will try to eat light all day long to save the bulk of my points, but then I over-indulge way too much! I need to take the time to eat something healthy that will fill me up so I don’t nibble little bites of food all day!

I’m learning. I’ll continue to learn. I’m just a momma in progress with clearly still a lot to learn!

Until Next Time ~

Feb 13

The Breakup Week

Happy flippin’ hump day people! I really don’t love Wednesdays – they are seriously swamped with running around with my head cut off all day & evening, but either way I am one day closer to the weekend!

It’s Weigh-in Wednesday again. This week I don’t care what the scale says. For the first time in a long time I feel I am finally approaching this in the right way. I have been eating crappy processed junk for so long & then eating a salad to make up for that bad choices & praying that the scale would go down for weigh-in day. This week I made some changes & slowly researching bigger changes & I feel great about them. If they don’t show up on the scale yet, I’m not gonna get pissy & break the scale in a million pieces like I wanted to last week! Sooner or later the scale will show me the progress!

So, it was my break-up week…..with one of my most loved things, something I couldn’t live a day without. Yes, you guessed it! Diet Coke! Last Wednesday I vowed I would go one week without it & see what I thought. Erin over at She’s a Big Star gave me the kick in the butt last week on this! Not gonna lie – that crap was hard! There were many times I wanted to grab one, so many times I thought that just one wouldn’t be a big deal. But, then I thought about how my self-discipline SUCKS & how I seriously need to improve that! So I didn’t. Except on Friday when we went out to lunch, out of COMPLETE habit without even thinking I ordered a diet pop and never thought twice until I took a drink! Oops! What can I say other than old habits are hard to break! I feel good, I think I’m over the part where it was a struggle for me! I don’t miss it right now. I don’t want one. That is until I eat pizza. How do you eat pizza without a pop?!

Speaking of pizza – I am also making some huge changes with my food. Not going completely clean because that makes me super nervous, but I am trying to go for a more clean-er approach. This is something I have never really cared about – I didn’t care what was in my food or how it was made. So this is a big step for me & it involves a ton of research! This week I cooked more than normal & good things – like tilapia & chicken. I made veggies for my sides & even made kale chips to try. I did like them! So definitely changing things for good now!

I also increased my activity & finally really stuck to my fitness goals for the week! Last night I finally worked my way back up to 4 mile run since having surgery! It felt great! It wasn’t easy & of course my pace wasn’t amazing or anything but I told myself I would run 4 miles & I did! And check out my calorie burn!

The scale results for the week….I am down 1.9!

So I am gonna keep on rockin’ out my new changes! I’m gonna keep it real!

Until Next Time ~
Feb 11

Update on 2013 Goals

Today is a check-in for myself on the cold hard truth! I set goals for 2013, nope not resolutions – I have never been good at resolutions. But, goals, I am better at! So I set some. How am I doing? Not very good…. here’s my list of goals.

First one I set was to be a better mom. By that I meant to stop the laundry, the cleaning, and REALLY spend time with my girls. This one I am actually succeeding at. We have done some fun stuff, I have spent some good ole quality time with them!

Fitness – I am doing it. I am mixing some things up. Now that my shoulder is feel A TON BETTER I am starting to make progress! Yay! Go me!!!

A better wife – well its pretty easy to do when you don’t see your hubby much right now! He is a full-time working teacher, hubby, daddy, and is working on his masters thesis project – so pretty much non-existent right now. Short-term sacrifice! Just got to get through this semester! But, I will say I have been a rock star wife at supporting him right now & encouraging him! 

Food – Yay! This one I am making progress too! Instead of just pinning all those recipes on Pinterest – I’m using them! I am doing better on meal planning, but would still like to be even more organized yet on that. I can say that in the past week I have been doing research & shopping to switch over to a more clean lifestyle. See – look at what has been on my desk all afternoon to munch on. I have made NO trips to the candy dish at work today! 

Here’s my HUGE FAILURE so far! Saving $$. I told myself I was gonna get smart & get organized with our money! I said I was going to learn how to start saving money & stop useless spending. I have not even started on this. I said I was going to track all my spending. I will do it…for a half a day, maybe a whole day, but never for a whole week.

So I suppose it is time to get hard on myself here…when I started my blog it wasn’t suppose to be me just writing about fitness & trying to lose weight. I wanted it to be about me, my life, my daily struggles & victories. Therefore, keeping myself accountable to me, I am going to start doing a post each week about our finances & where we are at & how much stupid spending I did. My challenge for the month of February is absolutely no buying clothes for me or my girls. My hubby does need a few things picked up that I’m going to go shopping for on Friday. But, for us girls – we do not need anything! I’m also going to get that darn budget done too!

Here I go – wish me luck!
Until Next Time

Feb 6

Ugh…..Steppin’ on the Scale

Totally not gonna lie today….I told myself this morning I was not going to do the Wednesday Weigh-in Link-up with Erin & Alex, I was not gonna talk about my scale this morning, I was just gonna be pissed All. Flippin’. Day.


Up…up 1.6 & back above 155 where I told myself I would not go AGAIN.

But, what person doesn’t struggle when trying to lose weight? Is there really any one out there who at some point in time when losing weight doesn’t want to pick up the scale & smash it into a hundred million pieces?

I really am a person who tries to always have a positive attitude. If I fail one day, I will tell myself tomorrow is a new day. If my scales goes up, despite maybe a moment of depression, I’ll remind myself that next week it will go down. I preach a positive mental attitude with my softball girls so I try to live it.

But today, today, I might just stay pissed at myself. Maybe being pissed at myself will light a fire under my butt again & give me the kick in it that it  obviously needs. This week came down to several choices & I made some sucky choices this week! Instead of one cheat meal, I had a couple, and some beers, and etc.

I am starting to think I might need a new & fresh approach. I have spent the past few days doing some research on clean eating. I will not lie that it scares me! I am not planning on going 100% clean, but focusing on it at least most of the time. The hardest part for me is my hubby & girls…..what in the heck will they eat? So, I’m gonna transition slowly & start changing things around the house & see how it goes. See how I feel & see if it gives my body a jumpstart because that is needed! Thinking I just need something different.

The biggie – okay this is HUGE for me. I just committed to Erin over at She’s a Big Star that I’m gonna go ONE WEEK with NO diet coke! Can I do it? I’ve been able to go a day or two without one but never longer than that. This is gonna be tough for me! But I have toyed around with the idea for months of cutting it out on my life so here. I. go. I will post here throughout the week – make sure I stick with it!


Jan 31

I Can’t…..

First of all….yesterday for Weigh-in Wednesday my scale read 155.6. Thursday is my Weight Watchers meeting day & I always step on my scale at home in the morning to have a little insight on what their scale will read. Seriously….it read 152.8! How happy ecstatic was I??!

Yesterday I also was a rockstar about squeezing in some exercise since I did not get my lazy butt outta bed in the morning! While my girls were eating their super fast supper (because we only have about 30 minutes by the time we walk in the door until the time we have to leave) before running them to AWANA I did TurboFire HIIT 15….holy amazeballs! That was a super tough 15 minutes! Then, after dropping them off at church I had my pitching sessions. While my High School girls were warming up with their drills I quickly ran a mile on the indoor track around our gym. I started wondering if I would be able to do a mile without walking since it has been FOREVER for me with running like that. Um…yes, I rocked it. I got done & my girls were super impressed that I had already ran a mile. It was 10:16 for a time. I was happy with that time but the best part was that I felt fantastic & if I had the time I so could have gone much further! 

Okay…moving on to today’s topic of “I Can’t.” When I’m coaching my high school softball girls, I live by the rule of “Can’t is a swear word.” It’s simply not allowed. Nothing bugs me more when you tell them some feedback on how to do something or what to do & without trying they say, “I can’t.”

If one of my girls say it they have to do push-ups, or run, or whatever I’m in the mood for that day. Why? Because you CAN. You can do it, you might need to work harder than the girl next to you, it might take you longer to learn it or master it, you might fail the first 100 times, but if you try hard enough & never give up you CAN do it.

Last night I was working with my niece who is in 8th grade on pitching. She has not loved pitching over the years but has worked on it to be an extra pitcher for her teams because she is an athlete. She has expressed some interest in wanting to work a little harder on it now but seriously was struggling with her confidence – she is used to things/sports coming very natural to her. Time after time of pushing her, encouraging her, explaining to her….she got IT. She got what I have been trying to tell her for two years. She accomplished what she told me she could not do & what she thought was impossible. I am not sure I have seen her so fired up, so confident, so happy. There was a fire, a passion, that was burning so bright when we were done.

I left smiling myself. I left thinking about how that is one of my most favorite parts of coaching. When you take an athlete who does what she said was impossible & they accomplish it & then you watch that fire & passion explode & she pushes herself even further than before. It made me think about all the times she told me “I can’t. It’s impossible.” This turned to me wondering why I don’t hold myself up to the same standards I expect out of my athlete? How can I preach something that I don’t follow? 

I thought about how many flippin’ times in a day I hear myself say that I can’t do something or that it’s impossible. Really? Wow, Krisha, ever hear the term “Practice what you preach.” 

So, I am gonna. No more I can’t do something. Because I can. I might fail numerous times. It might take me a heck of a lot longer to do something than the next person, but darn-it I CAN do it! I can lose this weight. I can do my half-marathon in 2013. I can get to my goal weight & maintain it. All I really have to do is try. And Try Hard. 

Until Next Time~

Jan 30

Another Weigh-in Wednesday!


Okay here we are already! I am linking up again! I really cannot believe it’s hump day! Life has been hectic. My weight loss isn’t fantastic today but when your a momma sometimes life happens & schedules get screwed up!

 The scale this morning read: 

 So I’m down 0.2 from last week. I will take it. I had great plans this week for my workouts, my eating, all that good stuff, but had some events/problems come up that altered it. I did do great Friday – which is a huge victory for me! Saturday, I also planned fairly well during the day. Then, I went out with two girlfriends to a local winery we wanted to check out…always been a beer girl, but I am really started to like wine!

 This was my fave I bought from the winery, and yes, I did had to have a glass last night…just a small one!

Anyway, my youngest daughter ended up breaking out in a rash from head to toe Sunday afternoon. So, instead of getting in my workout on Sunday and/or getting ANY of my housework/laundry done we ended up taking her to the ER after my softball workouts. They are thinking it was an allergic reaction to the amoxicillin she was on for an ear infection but will need to get some testing done. My workout Monday evening got interrupted as well…a four year who is itchy & incredibly crabby due to taking Benadryl every six hours makes for a horrible evening, or also known as an evening where everyone walks around on eggshells near her.  Her feet were so broke out & bothered her so badly that she couldn’t/wouldn’t walk. I had to carry her everywhere around the house.
But, she’s starting to feel a little better. Last night I got in another TurboFire workout & my adorable girlies did it with me! They thought it was an absolute blast! Well Laynee tried to join us, but I kept making her sit down because I was worried about her turning into a giant hive again!
I seriously do think TurboFire is So. Much. Fun. Why the heck do I talk myself out of doing it?! With that being said, it will be much more fun when I can actually use my right arm/shoulder fully though!
So, with a hectic week of doc appointments for my girls, my physical therapy appointments, softball workouts, work….blah, blah, blah, I will take being down 0.2. I made some changes this week. I think they will show up on the scale soon. Until then, I will keep on keep’ on keepin’ on because that is all I can do!
until next time~
Jan 23

Weigh-in Wednesday….Failed!


It’s Wednesday. It’s hump day. It’s weigh-in day. It’s not a good weigh-in day. I’m up….I’m up 0.6 to 155.8 this week. Ugh! Why, oh why, do I do this to myself?

The good news is that after the weekend I had I jumped on my scale Monday morning & was horribly upset to see I was up to 157. So, I guess I did do some damage control over the past three days. But, I’m tired of that cycle. Really tired of it.

I have lost before. I lost 55 pounds on Weight Watchers. I maintained that loss for almost two years before I let it rise again. I know how to do it. I have ALL THE TOOLS to do it. It’s like I need a reset button on my mind & a fresh start. Maybe I need to forget I have lost that weight. Maybe I just need to think of me starting now from 155.8 and going back down. Forget the past journey & start this one out on a new path, a new road, a new starting weight of 155.8 instead of the original ## in my mind of 197.

I do know that one big huge difference from before to now that I really realize is that when I was losing successfully, I was at the top of my “list.” I was a top priority. No, that doesn’t mean I forgot about my hubby or my girls or the house or my job. But, I made my workouts a SUPER DUPER TOP PRIORITY and NEVER let myself get too busy taking care of anything or anyone else get in the way of that.

This weekend I let that happen a million several times….Saturday I couldn’t work out in the morning because I had to take Laynee to the med center for an ear infection. I knew that Friday night when I went to bed – I could have set my alarm to get up a little earlier & get my workout done. I didn’t. Then, my day was so packed full I could not get one in. Sunday, I actually did set my alarm to get up & workout in the morning before church & before all my housework & laundry & softball practice. I shut it off. I didn’t get up. Before, I would have gotten my butt outta bed & gotten it done.

So, this week my goal is to make ME a priority. Ask for help if I need it. I need to do what I need to do again….starting now.

One pic before I run off. I took my oldest daughter, Jacee, to the eye doc yesterday because she has been struggling with headaches at school a lot lately. Sure enough, this sassy little chic needs some specs. It took her forever to pick out the ones she wanted, but we let her do it on her own! She definitely was into the sassy fashionable ones! She cannot wait for them to get in!


Jan 22

It’s Tuesday….

So…..this weekend I was lazy, I was very bad on my eating….and now I’ve spent the past two days trying to make up for it! Why, oh why, in the heck do I do this to myself??

Last night was my first time running three miles since probably this summer when I had to stop running. It was brutal, my pace was HORRIBLE! But, I did it. I kept moving & I got to the distance I told myself I would before I started running! It was super fun because I got to try out my new polar HRM that I just got!! Look at my burn! ๐Ÿ™‚
So this weekend I was horrible, but we had a great weekend! My youngest daughter, Laynee, wanted her ears pierced when we were at the mall. She had them done when she was 3, but one fell out when my husband & I were gone to Florida for a wedding & the little stinker wouldn’t let anyone put it back in so they closed up! She is my “wimpy” girl but jumped up there & insisted on getting them done! She’s a doll, what can I say?
She also had her first friend birthday party this weekend for a girl in her class! Oh, she was so super excited!! Of course, a diva MUST wear a dress to a party!
Where in the world are the pics of my oldest daughter? I must get better at that! ๐Ÿ™ 
Speaking of my little miss Jacee – just took her to the eye doctor today because she has been struggling with headaches A TON lately & she has to get glasses. So, we are headed tonight to pick some out so tomorrow I will post a pic of her in her sassy specs!
Until Next Time~

Jan 16

Weigh-in Wednesday Again!

Cannot believe it’s Wednesday again already!! Where did the week go?


Well, today’s weigh-in was better than last week.  Last week I was 156.3

Down 1.1 from last week! I didn’t do everything I told myself I was going to do this week. I didn’t track like I promised I would. I didn’t work out as much as I would.

But, for the first time in my life, I’m actually drinking all my water in a day! It is a serious miracle for me! Now, for the number of trips I make in a day to the bathroom – it’s steps on my fitbit every day! I also really made some much smarter food choices & as a family, we didn’t dine out at all this week with the exception of Applebee’s in which I made a super smart choice! 

I have increased my activity, although I am still so guilty of using lame excuses. Yes, my main excuse this week was that my shoulder pain was awful. Granted, it truly was for two days after my first real kick-my-butt rehab session on Monday, but really I can at least walk. So over my own excuses. When will I realize I am only cheating myself?

Oh well! For now, the scale is down and I’m finally making a healthy habit of drinking my H2O and increasing my steps on my fitbit on the way to the bathroom a million times a day! Maybe it’s just because I love my new water bottle! Ohh…the simple things in life!

 And for fun – my adorable oldest daughter because I love her outfit today & wish I could rock it like she is!

Until Next Time~