Oct 2

Newest Addiction

Here we are. Another Monday. Another week of crazy. Another week of non-stop mom taxi driving. Another week of a buried desk at work. Another week of grinding at home every evening.

Another week of the above because it all fills my heart.

Anyway, this weekend came and flew by; like they all do. But, luckily my main love language is quality time. We tried the Melting Pot this weekend for my bestie’s birthday. That is a place I can say with pretty much complete certainty, that I will not be returning to. We still are not sure what took so long, but over three hours later we walked out from our four course meal & all four of us were still hungry.


The good news is that it was three hours with three people who truly matter. You cannot ever put a price tag on time spent, memories created, and laughter shared.

Anyways, my to do list is quite lengthy right now in life. Changes happening, medical “stuff” on the calendar, chapters ending….you know, a little of this and a lot of that.

Currently, I am on Operation Declutter. For the past few years the opportunity for me to have a garage sale is pretty non-existent as my days off work are saved for medical days; my weekends are already too jam-packed. I will admit that STUFF has just been sitting for so long needing to leave my home.

Oh my gosh y’all – if you have never been on a mission to really go through your home & get rid of the “stuff,” you must do so soon.

It is addicting. Getting rid of all this clutter, the stuff in life that does not matter, the stuff that takes up space and the junk that takes your time away from the important things. I cannot stop! For. Real.


I mean really….can you please explain to me why I had so many pairs of jeans in my closet. Especially when I wear like maybe only three of them. All I can do is shake my head at myself!

In other words, if you are trying to find me in the next couple of weeks you will have to look for me buried in a closet some place with black trash bags and bins around me with the tunes blaring out of my Block Rocker.

Now, for what I am eating. I am literally loving chicken tenderloins grilled up on our charcoal grill. The smoky flavor and whatever seasonings my guy uses is just incredible & makes eating chicken way more exciting! So, he cooked me up a package yesterday making my protein on my meals this week pretty easy! When you do not have a free night during the week, this is the key!


Now, off I go back to the sea of sticky notes that cover my life!

Until Next Time~



  1. Yes on the clearing out unused stuff! I’m getting ready to sell my home. Biggest cleanout ever. There’s a Veterans volunteer organization that picks up monthly. If there is something that requires two people to load it you call ahead for an appointment. When they came here they had noting in the truck. When they left I couldn’t believe how much they took that won’t have to occupy my own moving truck! It was freeing!

    Hope your closet purging feels good. All the way to the end!

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