Aug 17

I’m Ready

When you experience a shift in mindset it is simply incredible.

I finally let go of my hope and dream to run another full marathon. I let go of the drive for miles and miles. Now, I am working through the resentment towards my body and learning to accept it for what it is today. I know that I do not have much control over what it is tomorrow or the next day or next year.

But, I can promise you that I will fight like hell to never give up on it again. I can promise that knowing I will get knocked down many more times, I will keep fighting to win.

I smile today knowing that I have brand new adventures awaiting me. I may have a small tear knowing that some will never happen. But, I am ready to find new things & discover the right ways to take care of MY body. I am ready to learn its restrictions but yet embrace the things it is able to do.

The scary part is that I know you have to leave your comfort zone in order to grow and well, growing is what I need.

One thing that I have always been scared of is yoga. Yoga would be amazing for my body. I am quite possibly the least flexible person in the world and do have even some limits with yoga, but my first step forward is trying out some hot yoga with my Groupon I just purchased.

Last night I did a foundation yoga workout at home and honestly, despite the fact I felt incredibly awkward doing it, when I was done I felt amazing!IMG_3963

This morning I got up early and did some yoga stretching & then set out for a mile walk…. y’all I have to say…

I feel freaking amazing. Like who knew walking + yoga could make me feel on top of the world? Because that is exactly how I feel and I haven’t felt like this in such a long time.IMG_3965

This is me; back to a positive mindset + ready to slay some goals.

Until Next Time~


  1. Yay for YOU, Krisha. Yoga and walking is amazing. Knowing you, I feel sure you’ll try several teachers/studios before you decide which is best for your body and mind. ?

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