Jun 2

The Hustle

I have shared a lot on here lately about being in a new season. I have shared finding myself in the woods alone totally unraveling but needing to follow the small glimmer of light. I have shared that I have lost myself and making decisions for others or based on outside expectations instead of my own.

That light, that small glimmer shining down, gave me the answers. I realized lately that I had lost sight of some of my priorities, things were getting tangled up. I felt this incredible pressure; the load I was carrying was just too great.

I would read or listen to personal development daily and could not find the answers. What was it that I was struggling with?

Last week I sat at sixth grade camp as a parent chaperone free from phone service and no social media. I sat there watching my daughter: the way her smile spreads across her face, the way her forehead looks when she is focused, the way her giggle comes from her toes.

In that moment I realized the only thing I wanted to hustle after was moments like that. I want to focus on those small moments of life, the small details that get missed when we hustle after more.

That glimmer of light reminded me of what life can be like if we are not living it distracted from our true values.

I know that I am incredibly blessed because my parents worked so hard and have built our family a legacy; I absolutely love coming to work every day with my family and working together towards a bright future. This is where I am meant to hustle and when I leave work at the end of a day, the only hustle I want to live is the one with the special people in my life.

I still have many passions. I still am passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and wanting that for others. I am incredibly passionate about coaching kids and this is a piece of my life I will never let go of.

Today what I am most passionate about is not missing the details of life that seem so small but yet bring peace to your heart that words can never express. Today I am passionate about the people in my life. Today I am passionate about coaching kids and building them up for a stronger future. Today I am passionate about staying true to the type of mom and woman I want to be.

Today I am passionate about not hustling after more and just being grateful for every little thing I have in my life.

Today I will watch my daughter’s face light up with her giggle that comes from her toes and I will not be too distracted to giggle with her.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Love your words, almost as much as I love those hats??

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