Jun 1


Sometimes you find yourself feeling so lost; you find yourself having no idea about the direction you should go.

When I find myself there: it is like I am standing in the middle of the woods with no trail to follow. I’m alone; the only sounds I hear are coming straight from nature. It’s scary. There is only a tiny glimmer of sunlight shining through the tree tops. 

These are the moments where we have to look inside. We can no longer look to outside views, ideas, expectations. The only person we can rely on is ourselves. The only way to find our way out of the woods is to dig inside: you need to find that clarity on what the next right move is. You need to figure out which direction it is that you really want to go.

This moment has to be about you: your values, your personal expectations, your desires, your dreams.

Recently, I have found myself right in this place. I had to turn inward as I realized I was truly lost. What was it I needed? What did I want? What was missing?

I had to find a new way to search for answers as the old way of lacing up and pounding out the miles on the search for an answer is gone.

I have had moments of darkness. I have had moments where I felt like I was unraveling at warp speed and there was no stopping me.

Until now, in this moment, I see that unraveling was needed. I needed to unravel all the “stuff” of life. I had to find myself alone in the darkness and call on myself to find a way out,

The secret to this moment, this moment of clarity where I see I need to do what is best for me and for my family, was this:

It might have appeared dark in the woods, but there was always a glimmer of light shining through. 

That light was what I had to follow.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You count on yourself only, your in the dark alone and alone you must go…..where did I go wrong, why was I not there…..

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