Apr 13

I Cried.

I told myself I was a failure. I talked to myself as if I was alone; like no one else had traveled this road before.

I cried.

I cried when I looked at this new before picture. I did not want to believe it was me. I did not want to believe I had gone this far backwards. This picture was never going to be shown.

I acted as if I was the only woman in the history of losing weight to gain some back.

I know better. I know I am never alone in this journey.

On April 5th, I blogged this:

I had a breakthrough. It looked a lot like day one of a truly incredible comeback. I’m letting go of who I was yesterday, last year, two years ago, or who I was the day I finished my marathon. I’m looking forward to who I want to become.

I meant it. I went back to my journey being about me. I let ago of striving for perfection & aimed to just do a little better every day. I made changes. I switched to a new program that would fuel my heart & push me past my limits. I got my portion controlled containers back out for everything. I drank my superfoods every single day.

Ten days. These two pictures are just ten days apart. PicMonkey Collage


The inside…..that transformation is even better than the outside. In ten days my mindset has shifted in so many incredible ways.

This is my journey of imperfect progress. You will never catch me giving up.

Until Next Time~


  1. Kathee Meinke says:

    Hi Krisha,

    Can you tell me more about your portion control containers and superfoods. I need to learn so much about eating. You are beautiful and inspiring!


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