Apr 7


Do you know those kinds of days? I woke up with a sore throat & stuffy head so I reset my alarm…or so I thought. I woke up super late to a “Good morning beautiful” text from my guy; couldn’t get a full shower; didn’t do my hair; only threw on some eye makeup & never did put concealer or foundation on my face; & rushed out the door in tennis shoes & a baggy sweatshirt.

I dressed frumpy because I felt frumpy. I looked frumpy. This set the tone for my entire day.

I could have changed the day by the clothes I wore, I could have changed the day by taking just five minutes to do my hair.

Tired. Lazy. Zero motivation. All. Day. Long.

I got home and as soon as my girls left for their dad’s house, I headed upstairs to put on my workout clothes knowing that the longer I waited to do this, the higher the chances I would not push play. Well….I ended up crawling into bed using the excuse that I needed to reply to a few potential clients.

I’m not sure how long I laid there but I can tell you there was ZERO part of me that wanted to workout. I told myself I could double up tomorrow. I told myself one day doesn’t really matter. I told myself that I was just too tired. I told myself that I really didn’t care that much.

In that moment I cared more about being lazy than I did my goals.

This is the reason I always say that you cannot rely solely on motivation. Motivation comes and goes. I could have laid there & read 100 quotes, I could have looked at 10 success stories. It would not have worked in that moment.

Discipline….that’s what you have to lean on. I forced myself up to change reminding myself that I had set goals….HUGE GOALS. I reminded myself that my challengers showed up today in our group, now it was my turn.

I had to force myself. I told myself that excuses simply could not win unless I wanted to give up on my goals for the 1,000,000th time in my 36 years.

I am not always motivated. I do not always want to workout. But, I do always have goals to keep me pushing. I do always have a strong why that I try to stay rooted in. I do have a supportive community that pushes me to show up daily. I do have discipline because at the end of the day, that’s how we become successful.

Successful people do what others are not willing to do.

By the conclusion of my sweat intervals workout, I no longer felt frumpy. In fact, I felt dang good. I felt proud, happy, confident.


I followed that up with a yoga post-cardio workout from my On Demand library as my calves did give me some extra struggles.

Just to put the icing on the cake….this morning I put on a pair of jeans that I haven’t worn in months. They fit perfect. No squeezing in.


Day 3….Max out at 7:49. A cross between the full move & the modifier.

Until Next Time~


  1. Congratulations, Krisha! From time to time I am reminded of that time several years ago when you said something about how that morning you had put on your jeans and didn’t have to “jump in them” to get them on. And I giggle a little. Congrats on your new Morning of getting your jeans on so easily! ?

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