Apr 6

Day 2 & Non-Dairy Cheese

My day two started with me having to stop whatever I was doing to walk outside and stand in awe of this.


No filter here. I like to start my days with listing at least three things I’m grateful for & I don’t mean every day I list the obvious things, like family, but I could not get much further than this amazing view & the promise that it brings with a new day; a fresh start.

My workout was Tabata Power & I love Tabata. I promised myself I was mostly sticking with the modifier considering on day one the fire in my leg came back with a vengeance & that was not a place I was willing to go again.

I maxed out at 11:50 but after that point, I will admit I really struggled pushing through the moves. Not because of my leg, but because I am a beginner. Because my endurance needs work and my strength needs to be built again. Guess what? Everyone started somewhere & even if they have started in the same place a handful of times, they are still trying. They have yet to give up & well, this is me.


My food intake was good today. I had my vegan superfoods for breakfast at work. Coffee, chocolate….how could anyone go wrong?


I will be honest & tell you that we have zero food in our home right now due to being out of town & I haven’t hit the grocery store yet. My lunch yesterday demonstrates that perfectly. The most boring salad. The other problem was that it left me hungry not long after eating it. Zero protein & was basically just lettuce.


I hit that wall in the afternoon at work & it is a struggle point for me. It makes me want to grab a pop for a kick of caffeine. It makes me want to grab something from the candy dish. It makes me want to walk into our lunch room & grab a handful of chips. I feel tired in that moment & I am hungry.

Yesterday, I won the battle & enjoyed an apple with some almond butter. Plus, this filled me up for an evening of gymnastics practice leading to late dinner!

This past week in Ohio my daughter’s doctor recommended we try going lactose free as well as being test for other incoherences, celiac, etc. We slowly cut down while being out of town but it was hard staying in a hotel to make this change that I felt uneducated on.

So, now that we are home this trial has begun. I am a believer that a leader has to lead by example and I think a parent must do the same. I cannot preach to my kids about eating healthy if I am shoving down bowls of ice cream & bags of chips. In support of my daughter, we are all joining her. Not that we will be perfect, but at least not constantly singling her out that she has to eat that, while we enjoy this.

She wanted to try flat-out pizza last night with cheese she can have. I am so proud of how much she is excited to try new things & experiment. We stopped off to the store & I allowed her to grab some products to try. We got home & made up our pizzas with non-dairy cheese on all of them.

It was interesting, it will be something we will need to get an acquired taste for but my daughter felt very loved by the fact that we were in this with her. No one ever wants to feel alone.

Day 2 in the books. Food — check. Max out — 11:50.

Until Next Time~

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